Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda – Better Together

Modern application development extensively relies on REST APIs. You can hardly find a client application that doesn’t require backend services, and REST protocol is a popular choice because of simplicity and wide platform support. Things start to get complicated when you deploy the REST API to the public domain. Now you have to worry about maintenance, scalability, security, and other responsibilities that come with hosting a publicly accessible web service. Many times these APIs aren’t very complex and don’t require much business logic so the service maintenance overhead can be very significant relative to the overall service functionality. A combination of Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda services can significantly reduce the complexities typically associated with hosting and managing your REST APIs.

AWS Lambda service introduction

AWS Lambda is a managed compute service that executes your application code units (referred to as Lambda functions) triggered programmatically or in response to various events raised by other AWS services. Some of the key features of AWS Lambda are:

  • Fully managed – there’s no infrastructure to manage. Simply upload the code and let AWS Lambda take care of the rest.
  • Scalability and high availability – AWS Lambda automatically scales and manages compute resources across multiple Availability Zones.
  • Cost efficiency – only pay for the time your code actually runs, in 100ms increments.
  • Compatibility – currently supports Node.js and Java programming languages.

Amazon API Gateway service introduction

Amazon API Gateway is a fully managed application service that acts as a frontend to your REST APIs and handles traffic management, authorization and access control, monitoring, and API version management. Amazon API Gateway can also generate client SDKs from your REST API for popular development languages and platforms such as JavaScript, iOS and Android. The cost model is very simple and you only pay for the number of your API calls and data transfer out.

Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda

As you can see, these services can already be very useful on their own but they also complement each other greatly. Amazon API Gateway tightly integrates with AWS Lambda and allows developers to implement truly serverless REST APIs. Amazon API Gateway endpoints can be configured to invoke AWS Lambda functions which makes it possible to build and deploy publicly accessible, secure, scalable, and reliable REST APIs backed by Node.js or Java code of practically any complexity without having to worry about the infrastructure.

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